ALA knowledge base

Here you will find helpful information on the Atlas of Living Australia; how you can use the ALA, how to work with data; how to cite the ALA; our educational resources; and Spatial Portal help.

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Who we are

Learn more about the ALA.

Topics include: Our mission and our vision.

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How to use the ALA

Learn how to use the ALA.

Topics include: Uploading data sets, Using our API, and Using our data sets.

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How to work with Data

Learn how we do things at the ALA.

Topics include: Integrating data and handling sensitive data.

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How to cite the ALA

Learn how to cite the ALA.

Topics include: How to cite as a whole; How to cite a page; and how to cite downloaded data.

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Education resources

Learn how to use the ALA in the classroom.

Topics include: Classroom activities, ALA User Guides and How educational providers use the ALA.

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Spatial Portal Help

Learn more about the Spatial Portal.

Topics include: where species are located, what species are found, and what environmental conditions are in that area.