ALA User Guide 6 – Finding information about a species

Begin at the Atlas of Living Australia homepage. Type the species or common name into the search box at the top of the page.

The overview page has an Occurrence records map and some images. In some cases, there are compiled distribution maps, a brief description and sound files. You will also find the Conservation Status of that species.

The Classification tab shows the classification levels of the species from Kingdom. Clicking on each level will show all of the occurrence records for all species at each level.

Clicking on the “Gallery” tab opens the images of the species. The images could be museum specimens or egg shells.

The images could be photos of the species in its natural environment or images of skulls and bones. There are also some stuffed specimens.

They could even be biological drawings, photos of road kill or videos. At the bottom of the image you can see the source.


You can open individual sightings to see the details, such as the date recorded and where the record came from.
If you don’t agree that it is a true sighting of that species, you can flag an issue using the button at the top left.

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