Contribute to the ALA

You can contribute to the ALA in a variety of different ways, including joining a citizen science project, digitising a record through our partner website, DigiVol or adding a sighting directly into the ALA by recording a sighting.

  1. Join a Citizen Science Project

    You can contribute your sightings directly to the Atlas, or via one of the many citizen science projects supported by the Atlas. Learn more about citizen science and the Atlas.

  1. Digitise a record in DigiVol

    By transcribing specimen labels, field journals and mapping location data you can help our natural history institutions open up their collections. Visit our DigiVol partner.

  1. Record a sighting in the ALA

    Did you see something? Photograph something? Contribute your sighting to the Atlas of Living Australia. Log your sighting at our Record a Sighting page.