ALA User Guides

We have provided a number of User Guides for using the Atlas of Living Australia.

These guides show you through some of the functions of the ALA. They can be used by anyone wishing to use the ALA, and are suitable for people using it in primary and high school classrooms.


The appropriate guide can also be accessed directly from the individual classroom activities so you can easily alter the activities to suit your local area if necessary.

A list of the available User Guides is provided below. To open a guide, just click on the title.

Guide NumberTitleDescription
1Finding the species recorded in your areaHow to find which species have been recorded in your area
2Species distributions on a mapHow to show the distribution of a species on a map of Australia
3Layers and species on a mapHow to show species distributions and environmental layers on a map
4How to log a sightingHow to log a sighting directly on to the Atlas of Living Australia
5Does a species occur in my area?How to see if a particular species is present in your local area
6Finding information about a speciesShows the variety of information that can be found on the species pages
7How to make a scatter plotUsing the ALA to plot species ranges against environmental information
8Mapping multiple species distributionsHow to show the distribution of more than one species on a map of Australia
9Generating a field guideHow to generate a field guide of selected species
10Finding the species recorded in a defined regionHow to find the species recorded in a particular chosen region
11Finding the endangered species from a records list How to filter a records list to find the endangered species
12User guide for the BioCollect data collection tool.How to use the BioCollect data collection tool.