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Core components

Atlas of Living Australia
Home page and general information about the ALA
Search the ALA
Search for species, datasets, regions, localities, layers and more
Occurrence records
Browse and search over 70 million species occurrence records
Australian species
Search or browse Australia's most recognisable species
Search or browse natural history collections and institutions
Search or browse datasets that contribute data to the ALA
Species lists
User contributed lists of species with associated conservation status, trait or locality information
Download pre-compiled occurrence datasets (e.g. for plants, animals, insects, etc.), software and names indexes
ALA dashboard
A snapshot of the types of data, usage and statistics about the ALA
View images of specimens from Australia's natural history collections
Data uploaders can test their data with mapping and analysis tools

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Manage your ALA account
Manage your notifications from the ALA

Community Hubs

Australia's Virtual Herbarium (AVH)
Search Australia's herbaria specimen collection of over seven million plant, algae and fungi records
Online Zoological Collections of Australian Museums (OZCAM)
Search Australia's zoological museums collection of over four million records
Australian Moths Online (AMO)
Browse thousands of photographs of Australian Moths species
Australian Seed Bank Partnership (ASBP)
An online resource for the review of conservation seed collections in Australia
Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA)
MDBA Biodiversity Portal

Citizen science

Submit a sighting (webpage)
Upload your personal sightings of plants, animals and fungi
ALA mobile apps
Submit sightings and view records on your mobile device
Contribute to science by transcribing historical museum records and images
Citizen science portal to allow groups to create and run their own biodiversity surveys

Geospatial & mapping

Spatial portal
Google Earth-like tool for discovering and analysing biodiversity and environmental data
Explore your area
Discover what plants and animals are known to live near you
A map based biodiversity discovery tool to browse states, local government area, biogeographic regions, etc

Other ALA-developed tools

Online reporting tool for the Department of the Environment and Energy
Sensitive Data Service
Data pre-processing service that removes or obfuscates location data for sensitive species
Calculate movement metrics and space use for individually marked animals anywhere in the world
Find Australian marine fishes by location and depth
Combines phylogenetic and Geospatial analysis in a single tool
Soils to Satellites
ALA and TERN partnered project combining satellite and soils data layers

Develop with the ALA

Web service API
List of the ALA's web services
ALA Github repository
ALA open source code at Github
ALA4R R language package
Enables the R community to access data and resources hosted at the ALA
ALA's "Living Atlases" platform
How to install and run the ALA platform, with help from an international community of existing users (see list of countries using the ALA)